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ELM Recycling is proud to provide a mulch product protects our children, pets, and environment from toxins. The company processes debris on-site with its own equipment in order for us not to have any outside submissions or infestations while using environmentally conscious water-based dyes which are applied locally at our facility.

You can't go wrong with our mulch! We sell the highest quality Bagged Mulch that is processed on-site at a facility in your area with the best prices! No matter if you buy bulk or bagged material, it's all made locally and will ensure satisfaction from start to finish.

Bagged vs. Bulk Mulch:

Bagged mulch is the preferred choice for many, as it's quick and easy to move rather than shoveling bulk material. You can also store your bag in a smaller space until you are ready to add more landscaping supplies - making this perfect if you're working on smaller projects!

We know you're looking for a great deal on your next landscaping project and we've got just the thing! For unbeatable prices, choose wholesale mulch from us. Our variety of high-quality materials will enhance any landscape while staying within budget - trust our expertise when it comes to making sure that what's in front of all those windows is beautiful too!!!

Why Us?

All of the dyed products are water-based and completely safe for your children and animals.

We can also offer our bulk mulch at a discounted price picked up at our yard.

All of our mulch is processed, dyed and bagged at our facility.

Not sure how much you need?

Mulch Colors

  • Slate Black

Slate Black

  • Terra Brown

Terra Brown

  • Hot Magma Red

Hot Magma Red

  • Custom Hardwood

    (non dyed)

Custom Hardwood (NON dyed)


“We've been getting our mulch at Elm Recycling for the past few years. We don't need tons of it so we get the bags. The price is reasonable and they always load it for me. I've gotten other products from them, crushed concrete and gravel. Oh yeah, I believe they still accept brush and (trees) limbs too.”

Michael P.

“Nice guys and reasonable prices. I definitely recommend Elm to anyone needing landscaping materials!”

Holly B.

“Great prices clean yard easy in and out. Excellent customer service.”

Jake C.

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