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Sand and Gravel

Wide Variety of choices

We offer a wide variety of aggregate products to serve a wide variety of project needs, including recycled products, (see complete list), gravel, and limestone.

We sell our products in any quantity needed by our customers from 6-axle truck loads, pickup trucks with or without trailers, or even a bucket full if that is all you need.

Recycled Products

Asphalt Grindings

304 Crushed Concrete

2 Crushed Concrete

All recycled products are crushed at our facility, from raw materials brought into our yard.



  • 9 Gravel (screenings & grits) 8 Gravel (Pea Size)
  • 57 Gravel (Quarter Size)
  • 4 Gravel (Gulf Ball Size)
  • 2 Crushed Gravel (Soft Ball Size)
  • Gravel Boulders

(These are approximate sizes, there will be some slight variations.)



  • Limestone Screenings
  • 411 Limestone (Size: Quarter down to dust)
  • 304 Limestone (Size: Gulf Ball down to dust)
  • 8 Limestone
  • 57 Limestone
  • 4 Limestone
  • 2 Limestone


  • Concrete Sand
  • Mason Sand (Used in sand boxes & under swimming pools)


  • Pulverized Topsoil: Soil that has been run through a trommel and mixed with compost material. Great for yards, vegetable gardens, and flower beds.
  • Fill Dirt: Perfect if you need to fill a hole or a low spot. Fill dirt has stones and field debris, and therefore it is a cost-effective solution for filling or leveling.

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